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A-G Graduation Requirements

A-G Graduation Requirements


  • Social Studies (A Requirement) - 30 credits 
  • English (B Requirement) - 40 credits 
  • Mathematics (C Requirement) - 30 credits 
  • Science (D Requirement) - 20 credits 
  • Foreign Language (E Requirement) - 20 credits 
  • Fine Arts (F Requirement) - 10 credits 
  • College Prep Elective (G Requirement) - 10 credits 
  • Physical Education - 20 credits 
  • Health - 5 credits 
  • Other Electives - 25 credits
  • Career Pathway 
  • Service Learning 
  • Total Credits of 210

Please see the counseling office for alternative pathways to a diploma or high school equivalency. 

Boys and Girls Club

The Boys and Girls Club will be offering tutoring at Owensmouth High School beginning spring 2018.  We look forward to our new partnership and appreciate the support for our school community. 


Winter programs are available through the Boys and Girls and Club during the winter vacation.  Programs are offered at Canoga Park High School and at The Boys and Girls Club's main site. 


The Boys & Girls Club will be offering programming at the Canoga Park HS Campus during the following dates :
December 18-22 & January 2-5 from 10 a.m
Location: CPHS Library


The Boys & Girls Club's Main club site will be open the following day: 
December 18- January 5 
Closed : December 25, January 1
From 8 am - 5 pm (program times vary )
Address: 7245 Remmet ave. Canoga Park 90301
Some of the Programs Offered:
College Bound (B2F Support)  : * See flyer attached in the Student Locker (right navigation)
The college bound program will be open all three weeks at Canoga Park High school and our main club site. *appointment only 
Conditioning Club: 
 Conditioning will take place at an offsite location. Transportation will be proved from our Main Club site and back. * Spots Limited *See flyer attached in the Student Locker (right navigation)
Outcast Dance academy:
Canoga park high school is presenting a new dance program ran by Out
cast Academy. During the winter we will be hosting the dance classes at our main location every Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday from 1:00 pm -2:30 pm * see attached flyer in the Student Locker (right navigation)
More information:
Fatima Gutierrez:
Christine Deleon:

College and Career Ready